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I'm technical and easy to work with.
20+ years of technology experience.

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I'm interested in helping you navigate technical complexity to solve your problems and see your ideas evolve into working solutions. I have over fifteen years of experience in designing and rolling out custom enterprise and web-based solutions as well as providing support, upgrades, and consulting on existing systems. I have served the following markets and business models: design, startups, auction operators, communications, sales, housing, dealerships, entertainment, healthcare, professional services, publishing, manufacturing, engineering, retail, educational, non-profits, and government organizations.

Technically, I am known for my web services, database, and architecting experience. Specifically, I am known for my experience in PHP, SQL, JavaScript, XML, Apache, and Amazon Services. My work is more on the engines of websites than the look and feel. From a soft skills perspective, I am known for my communication, commitment to the customer, and my ability to creatively and accurately translate business needs into working software.

My areas of expertise include systems analysis and design, interface design, rapid application development, infrastructure analysis and maintenance, implementation rollout and support, and systems administration. I have worked in these capacities for many organizations across the world.

What follows introduces my years of experience at-a-glance, testimonials and letters of recommendation, previous work, code samples, technical skills, information you may find relevant, personal information, and my final thoughts. If you find that I've not written about something that you'd like to see, I hope you please let me know, and I'll get it to you right away.

Years of Experience, Core Strengths, & Education At-a-Glance
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Testimonials and Letters of Recommendation
Communicating Success from Previous Clients' Perspectives: here are several testimonials and letters of recommendation from clients of systems where I served as Chief Architect and led the Development Team. With the following, I'd like to focus on some of the intangibles that Up and Running offers in terms of how we do the work and how we build relationships with our customers. Here are the summaries and links to the full letters:

Just a quick note to say that you guys are seriously rockin' it!
I've closed / verified about 20 tasks this morning and the fixes were
exactly as I would have hoped. Another few days and we'll have the entire
thing ironed out. Even things like making the toggling "faster" where there
probably wasn't an obvious fix, it's definitely snappier now. I see the detail.

Thank you!
- David Ciccarelli, CEO
Thank you for your continued support, insight and thoughtfulness
as we approach the launch of the all-new Voices.com

I appreciate all that you do.

Best Regards,
- David Ciccarelli, CEO
Have I told you lately? YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!
That PDF export system is mind-boggling
- Alison Bowes
I see it, and LOVE it! Oh how I wish
I'd discovered UAR so much sooner!!!
- Alison Bowes

hooray! double hooray! UAR rocks!
- Doug Clayton, LA Stage Alliance

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Letters of Recommendation
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Previous Work: sites I've personally developed, managed, and implemented:

Public Sites

Here are some quick links to sites I've implemented or helped with:
  1. http://voices.com External Link (Lead Developer, back-end and front-end work; no graphics design)
  2. http://artsopolis.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end and AJAX work)
  3. http://monomachines.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end work)
  4. http://sendpepper.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end work)
  5. http://emailinstitute.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end work)
  6. http://portagehealth.org External Link (Lead Developer, back-end and front-end work; no graphics design)
  7. http://nemesisinteractive.com External Link (Lead Developer, back-end and front-end work; no graphics design)
  8. http://oilandgasinvestor.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end work)
  9. http://remedylife.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, back-end work)
  10. http://sportscardigest.com External Link (Contributing Senior Developer, front-end work; no graphics design)
Private Sites

Most of my work is on the programming of Intranet sites or administrative features of public websites. Before there were other good frameworks out there, I created a framework that has all the features as described in the PDF document titled, Up and Running -- Complete Listing of UAR ABLE System Features.pdf. This framework supports over 30 customer websites currently. This includes over 14,000 man hours of work. It handles administrative operations, provides database transparency, manages data relationships, administers user management, and facilitates code reuse. I no longer recommend our framework for use today for anything other than very custom solutions that wouldn't benefit from using community-driven frameworks. I remain quite happy with the strong frameworks and platforms supported by excellent communities, and recommend these to our clients. Here are some customers who use or have used my framework:

  1. One is at GS Engineering External Link. They use my product to manage all their projects, track all billable time, manage payroll, and more.
  2. Another is at Physician's Insight. I developed a radiology management website that allows for easy communication between physicians and radiologists.
  3. The internal workings of Portage Health are notable.
  4. I developed a website using Perl to manage Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League's External Link teams, statistics, and scheduling. This is the largest amateur hockey league in the world.
I'd be happy to demo the inner workings of my systems at any time. I will not be able to show all customer work I did because of the NDA's that I've signed.

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Code Samples: most are PHP and JavaScript-focused. If you’d like to see others, please just email me.

PHP Code Samples
JavaScript Code Samples
Ruby Code Samples
I can walk through more code with you via a web conference or screen share. I can also talk through architecture patterns, design patterns, systems architecture, and code in real time. If you have questions or requests, please just call (906-281-1178) or email (peter@pkhanson.com) when you’d like to.

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Programming & Other Technical Skills
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Other Relevant Information

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Some Personal Information

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Final Thoughts

I would be honored to be able to work with you to accomplish your web-based goals. If you have questions or would like to talk about anything, I hope you'll please call me at anytime (Cell: 906-281-1178). Thank you for taking the time to read about the opportunities I've been given to help others and the technologies learned along the way. I hope I'll be given the chance to prove myself to you.

Respectfully yours,

Pete Hanson